X-Treme Baja 36 Volt Folding Electric Mountain Bicycle - 36 V LifePo4 Lithium Powered – SpeednScooter


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  • What are the dimensions of Baja?

    Height 41 in. Width at handlebars 25.5 in. Length 72 in. Length when folded 40 in. Seat height (from lowest to highest) 34-39 in.

  • Is there any adjustability in handlebars? What is seat like? How is seat height measured with regards to 34 being lowest? Is it possible to put fenders on it? Lots of loose rocks in area I will use it.

    The handlebars fixed meaning they do not adjust or raise. You can get a adjustable stem for the handlebars at a local bike shop in your area, they will also usually be more than happy to install it for your. They usually cost arount $20 depending on brand. 
    The seat is a mountian bike seat and is standard. If you are looking for a lot of cushion I would suggest to swap it out or get one of out cruiser bikes that have seats with a lot of cushion. Like the Hanalei which has high handle bars and bigger cushion seats. 
    Yes possible to put fenders but it doesn't have holes for them on the bike so it will need to attach to the frame. 

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