X-Treme – SpeednScooter



X-Treme Electric Bicycles has been a house hold "name brand" in the industry since 2001.

There are many dealers and distributors for X-Treme Electric Bicycles.

X-Treme Electric Bicycle dealers & their customers can pick up at the distributors warehouse, and for that we offer a discount of $40 to $200 per bicycle (depending on the model). This option also works well for dealers buying 50 or more at a time that are located within reasonable distance of the warehouse. A Resale license number is required if merchandise is picked up at our dock or sales tax will be charged.

And yes, as part of our LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEE, a lot of our X-Treme Scooters sell for CHEAPER THAN AMAZON!

Go to the 2:50 mark in this video to see X-Treme Scooters being featured on The Today Show!